:::Turntable Maintenance:::

Think of is as a Tune-Up for your Turntable!

We can make your older decks operate better than new ... guaranteed !

All you need to do is choose which level you need

We will take you there !

(all prices are per turntable)


  • Tonearm Adjustment
  • Exterior Cabinet Cleaning
  • Channel Contact Cleaning
  • Recalibration of Zero Point  
  • Lubrication of Turntable Platter Assembly
  • Recalibration of Pitch Scale to Factory Setting
  • Cleaning & Lubrication of all Control Switches 
  • Gimble Bearing Lubrication (lateral & vertical)
  • Motor & Motor Spindle Cleaning & Lubrication
  • Setting Cartridge Tracking Force (cartridge must be  incl.)
  • Custom Setting of Anti - Skating (cartridge must be  incl.)
  • Reapplication of Heat Sink Compound to Power Supply Transistor
  • Cleaning & Deoxidation of All 5 Printed Circuit Boards
  1. Main Drive Board 
  2. RCA to Tonearm
  3. Pitch Control VR
  4. Speed Controls 
  5. Power Supply                
  • The Level One Maintenance + PLUS: 
  • Complete Pitch Control Rebuilding    
The entire Pitch Control Assembly gets Very Dirty!

Dirt gets into the Pitch Control by way of the felt slit in the Pitch

Slider Assembly and gets into every part of the Pitch Control...Its a mess!

Pictures of the inside of a Pitch Control Assembly....this could be yours!!

The Pitch Fader Conducting Feet are configured similar to the teeth of a comb to make the best contact possible with a circuit track  it runs up and down as the Pitch Control is manipulated.

What happens is that the fader "Teeth"  pick up all sorts of gunk and debris; this ends up increasing the resistence in the Circuit.

This ends up making it difficult for you to  accurately control the Platter Speed, and reduces your ability to make preceise adjustments in Pitch.

Now on to what we do......

  • We  Dissassemble and Inspect the entire Pitch Control for Mechanical Damage
  • Then, we Clean & Deoxidize all the Contacts and Internal Circuit Boards
  • Next, we remove all traces of Factory Lube and Relubricate with superior TEFLON Lube
  • Fader Circuit Track Lubricated with CAIG™ DeoxIT F100L soultion !
  • Then at your request we are able to take out the Zero Detent (Zero Click) for super smooth action just like the new Technics M3D & MK5 series ! 
  • Finally,  we'll even disable the Quartz Lock if you want to put an end the the "Dreaded Dead Zone" ... so called because platter control is compromised between -1 and +1 especially on Technics  SL-1200MK2 models: see FAQ  Why disable the QUARTZ Lock
Now look at the same Pitch Fader & Pitch Fader Track after a thorough cleaning!


  • All the Above Maintenance Services + PLUS:
  • A New OE Technics Pitch Control Unit ... a $50 service by itself !

All install labor is included in this fantastic deal !
Fader track lubricated with CAIG™ DeoxIT 100% F100L solution !

You may specify Zero Detent (Zero Click) be removed at no additional charge !

You may also specify to have the Quartz Lock Disabled at no additional charge !

  • All the Above Maintenance Services +  PLUS:
      •  A new OE Locking Tonearm Rest ... a $20 service by itself !

  • All the Above Maintenance Services +  PLUS:
  • A new OE Technics Neon Pop-up Stylus Illuminator Light
        note: this is the standard light that comes with the SL-1200/SL-1210 MK2 / M3D

  • All the Above Maintenance Services +  PLUS:
  • A LED Stylus Illuminator Light
note: this is an upgraded light - brighter and will not burn out -  fits all models SL1200/SL-1210)
        the LED upgrade is currently available in Pure White/Blue/Green/Red/Amber only.

  • All the Above Maintenance Services +  PLUS:
       •  Belkin Labs™ GOLD RCA wire set installed + ground wire elimination mod

  • All the Above Maintenance Services +  PLUS:
       •  LED System Conversion/Modification in your choice of
         White/Blue/Green/UV Purple/Pink or Amber Gold

$20 alone or just $10 with any Maintenance Level

Complete Service for the Cartridge & Stylus !

  • Alignment of Cartridge Overhang 
  • Cleaning & Deoxidation of Cantilever
  • Cleaning & Deoxidation of Stylus Tip
  • Inspection of Stylus @ 150x magnification
  • Alignment of Cartridge Tracking Thrust Angle
  • Resistence Measuring of Cartridge Channel Wires
  • Cleaning & Deoxidation of Headshell Channel Contacts

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